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Graduating Batches


Class of 1981



Sandra Guy-Gibson

Joel Grant

Peter Jaggon

Michael Grant Nescetta Fuller Patrick Hosang
Eleanor Binnie-Mullings Loy Chambers Winston Clarke
Maxine Gordon Wayne Morgan Paul Peterkin
Karen King Graham Francis Colleen Wallace
Deon McLeod-Richards Sonia Levy Brenda Levy
Andrew Brown Gauntlette Mighty Glenis Stoney
Judith Duncan Karen Tuloch Karen Sudu
William DeWar Lorna Bailey Hilda Turner
Wayne Hall Opal Gray-Stanbury Nerine Jones
Ingrid Richardson Arnella Williams Sandra Morris-Thomas
Christine Miller Gillian Morris-Ruff Brian Amos
Jacqueline Gonzales Christopher Ebanks Carlton Murray
Barbara Baker-Graham Coleen Rhooms-Chang Fay Perry
Halcyon Bailey Joan Mattis Paul Ramsay
Paula Gunter Sandra Hutchinson Angela Robb
Leon Brown Chester Bishop Claire Scott-Williams
Debby Rhoden Evelyn Williams Jackie Aitken-Jaggon
Greame Chung Jacqueline Mcleod-White Jacqueline Bailey
Patricia Evans-Douglas Paulette Dennis Novlette Nelson
Courtney Green Conrad Gordon Marcia Darlington
Debbie Betancourt Winsome Cunningham Marcia Bailey-Dixon
Sharon Newell-Williams Andrea Wadsworth Colin Duffus
Carol McKenzie-Burton Kevin Harris Rosemarie Paisley-Rhule

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Graduating years 1955 to 1984 -

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