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Graduating Batches


Class of 1982


Therese Chambers

Yulit Gordon

Stephen Tavares

Sonia Farquharson-White Rudolph Allison Paul White
Oswald Boyd Nigel Fisher Keith Hylton
Jewel Morgan-Rokx Jennifer Harrison-Genus Charmaine Massias
Easton Garvey Jacinth Williams Shernette Wallace
Peter Wilson-Kelly Loet Duhaney-Nesbeth Andrea Phillips
Earl Case Vivia Clarke-Hudson Alicia Roberts
David Carley Dexter Thompson Gary Tucker
Judith Oliver Louis Grant Roger Walters
Cyanworth Morris Desmond Wiggan Simon Azan
Dalton Maxwell Peter Giscombe Odette King-Parague
David Fullwood Aggrey Palma Olive Subratie
Charmaine Hutchinson Deborah Lunan-Quarless George Baker
Sylvia Brissett Karen Dawkins Lenroy English
Karen Powell Lorna Bell-Stokes Marcelene Knott-Berry
Melody Cousley Michael Brown Michelle Walker-Bissick
Paul Walters Sarah McKella-Mighty Suzanne Sawyers
Terrence Turner Winston Steel Dane Scott
Dianne Williams-McLeod Donna Campbell Lavern Anderson
Garth McKenzie Warren Bailey Lorraine Graham-Tulloch
Wayne Thompson Andrea Paisley  

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Graduating years 1955 to 1984 -

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