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Graduating Batches


Class of 1985


Sean Buylding

Maxine Pusey-Allwood

Antoinette Cole-McFarlane

Angeria Dyer-Savory Therese Coley Denton Christie
Marvia Lawes Carolyn Dacosta Byron Johnson
Charmaine Hoilett-Crichlow Sandra Turgot-John Neil Armstrong
Jennifer Thomas Karen Jones-Anderson Herbert McPherson
Gilbert Williams Georgia Scott-Jackson Faith McFarlane
Denise Johnson-Farquharson Michelle Neil Zanzine Gabay
Vauna Coleman-Levers Wayne Ebanks Richard Sobaram
Suzette Thompson-McKenzie Karl Townsend Karen Patterson
Jacqueline Gray Grace Atkinson Allison Charue-Marsden
Carlene Arscott Gershom Johnson Cheryl Robinson-Pearson
Owen Shand Pauline Bell-Wilson Randolph Nelson
Rena Rose Calvin James Douglas Hayden
Justin Flynn Ricardo Dixon Rosemarie Fable-Randolph
Carole-Anne Yee-Sing Anthony Jarrett Ruth Heydon-Carmichael
Carol Anderson Carol Gray Kirk Rowe
Nicholas Azan Selwyn Folkes Veronica Taylor-Williams
Windel Wilson Alden Wilson Sharon Hoilett-Craig
Claudette Brown-Traill David Knight Neil Francis
Kemile Duncan-Webb Marcia Burke Marcia Robinson
Sheree Walker Natalie Sutherland Opal Wright
Paula Virgo-Hagley Philip Hibbert Phelecia McFarlane-Nembhard
Robert McLeod Flolet Lonely-Burnett Carol McNaughton-Henry
Claudia Swyer-Harris Suanne Morris Jewel Daubon-Xavier
Michael Simpson Arlene Betton Christine Graham
Courtney Shorter Marlon Richards Hopelyn Henry-Williams
Jomo Gray Judith Polack Kirk Goulbourne
Winston Peart Violet Johnson-Ashman Keith Risden
Mark Burton Juliet Douse Lawrence Henry
Roxann Williams-Lewin Sean Devon Blair Ian Burke
Charmaine Johnson    

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Graduating years 1955 to 1984 -

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